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love will tear us apart
Confetti New Years Card with Confetti by ofnotestationers
s o r b e t s

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♡ Little Notes ♡  A simple way to turn a quick connection into something sweeter. Check a box, make a plan, start a friendship...
to keep letter writing organized we recommend using paper & type's letter ledger.


One of our favorite reasons to write shared by @eggpress during their #write_on campaign. We are all about jotting down those daily thoughts and sending them off to someone. So much better than a text. And the letter will live on forever! // www.ofnotestationers.com
Why We Write, a look at why Kate calls letter writing a mindful act. // Of Note Stationers

Why We Write: Kate

Definition Card Set: a unique and meaningful way to express appreciation, gratitude, and admiration // Of Note Stationers - www.ofnotestationers.com