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Mortuary Temple of Ramses III, an important New Kingdom period structure in Medinet Habu on the W Bank of Luxor

Medinet Habu Temple Egypt Gateway Carving Pharaoh Ramses Amun Offering located on the West Bank of the Riv.

Djehuty and his Mother Receiving Offerings, Tomb of Djehuty

Dispelling Kemetic Misconceptions

Dispelling Kemetic Misconceptions I just read a response to one of my original posts and I know it needs clarification… butterflies-and-teeth wrote: “Egyptians drew themselves all the time.

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Sarcophagus of King Seti (or Sety) I

vintage everyday: Photos of Ancient Egyptian Monuments More Than 100 Years Ago

Entrance to the Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt. Stones as large as a man, wonder they made these pyramids.