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* "La manière correcte de frapper est invisible, l'adversaire doit s'effondrer sans avoir vu tes mains"

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Learn Shaolin Kung Fu with Shifu Shi Yan Jun, 8 Duanwei Shaolin and 6 Duanwei from Chinese Wushu Association. Academy located in Shaolin Temple China and Songshan Mountains. kungfushaolins.com

Little Shaolin Kung Fu masters with wooden cudgels

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Great action pose "Sutra" at the Rose Theate, New York City. Shaolin monks dance with choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkauoi.

Sai looks like kind of a dagger, but actually it acts more like a club. Used for striking and blocking. Just one of the advanced weapons we teach at Samurai Karate Studio. www.samuraikarate.net

Sai are often depicted as sharp daggers in movies, but are actually a sort of truncheon used to club, punch, block and tangle.