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Flower of Gold

Macro shot of a yellow flower against a green textured background

~~Purple Osteospermum (African Daisy, Cape Daisy) by Debbie Green~~

Purple Osteospermum Greeting Card for Sale by Debbie Green

~~Purple Osteospermum (African Daisy, Cape Daisy) by Debbie Green~~


Daisy, Margarita Flower, Bellis Perennis, Daisies

Florida Sieboldii Clematis

Quattro Florida Sieboldii Clematis is a very unique clematis with creamy white flowers with large centers of purple stamens

Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers

Got clay soil? Plant Aster!

Got clay soil?

Soft clay coral pink peony - ©Susana Oliveira - What makes a great peonie... Ok, so it's not fondant, but it could be

What Makes a Great Peonie

Peony Love the flowers Coral pink peony


Love is not a thing to understand. Love is not a thing to feel. Love is not a thing to give and receive. Love is a thing only to become And eternally be.

nezart design. Passion flower

Passion Flower Vine* Exotic flowers like these don't have to be limited to tropical gardens. A vigorous perennial vine that climbs via tendrils, the passion flower can be a conversation piece in the garden.

Top 5 Easy-Care Perennials for Your Garden - Page 4 of 5 - GardYardGardYard | Page 4

Free Image on Pixabay - Flowers, Bush, Peony, Lush

flowersgardenlove: “ Gerber Daisies Photo Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers ”

Gerber Daisies by Bruce Bley - Gerber Daisies Photograph - Gerber Daisies Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Pink Flowers, Rose Flowers