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This Agni Kai = Coolest Scene EVER. by naomi-makes-art73 on deviantART

" Zuko, Azula & ATLA (c) Bryan Konietzko & Michael di Martino This Agni Kai = Coolest Scene EVER.

Ursa and Azula

Azula and Ursa. I don't think this would happen, but I think Azula wanted it to.

Mai, Ty Lee, Zuko, & Azula

Ty Lee: Circus freak is a compliment! Mai: I was a rich only child who got anything I wanted. Zuko: I'm angry at myself. Azula: My own mother thought I was a monster.

She looks so much like her mother. Maybe thats why she held so much resentment.

Wow, Azula really does look like Ursa <--she is as beautiful as her mother but as arrogent as her father <Sadly, true.

Azula and Zuko from the Avatar manga

Azula from avatar the last airbender in the latest book in her new straight jacket and completely out of her mind. This scared me.

reminds me of azula's firebending move in the opening

Fan art of Prince Zuko from the Nickelodeon animated series "Avatar: The Last Airbender"