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Paint, varnish, add succulents to your strawberry pots.bring inside during the winter for instant color & life! some catus freeze so bringing inside is a good idea

Grow Succulents in Pots - Southern Living | I love the idea of stacking pots as scene in the idea.  Put the small pot inside the larger one, leaving room toward the front. Planting succulents in glazed containers, which retain water longer, means you'll water them less.

Stack Your Pots

Succulents - Spectacular Container Gardening Ideas - Southern Living - I love the layered pot look

Backyard Plants: that repel bugs! Lemon   grass & Citronella grass both naturally repel mosquitoes; Lavender;   Marigolds; Flossflowers (Ageratum); Pennyroyal

I hate mosquitos. Plant lemon grass in big pots for the patio… it repels mosquitoes and it grows tall I hate mosquitos. Plant lemon grass in big pots for the…

Now why didn't it occur to me before to find an old metal beach pail...some kind of bucket...etc.  Use as flower pot.

Our favorite plants, colors, and silhouettes for this season's warm weather planters.