Paint Horse, beautiful painting of horse drinking out of the cool creek water. for colorful inspirational art.

"Pinto" Digital Art #horseart #mustang. (Gorgeous Wild Copper-Bay Paint Mustang).

Daniel Eskridge is a wonderful artist who works in Vue and Photoshop to make breathtaking, humorous and always stunning artwork!

"By Moonlight" by Heather Theurer.

New Phantasmagoric Beauty Horse Set of 4 Square Rubber Drink Coasters

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Reminds me of my Gabriel bless his soul. Model: Eragon, Audrey Hasta Luego Horse-show_Featuring artwork by Elise Genest

sparrows in rain by Jeremy Paul

Artist: Jeremy Paul - Title: Sparrows in the Rain - Materials/techniques used: acrylics - Inspires, why? The artist has managed to create a perfect background of raindrops while managing to keep the focus on the two sparrows in the middle of the piece

Fotografie animată

Linda Picken Art Studio / Gray and Buckskin Horses.

Horses Art By Lícia Fernanda Santos

Horses Art By Lícia Fernanda Santos. "In the Horse, you'll find your best and the most loyal friend, better than any human friends you meet in your life.