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BLOG - Dystopian Artwork Inspired by Cyberpunk Hong Kong

DeviantArt's shares a dystopian, sci-fi vision of the future. His work includes an undeniable nod to Hong Kong architecture & Kowloon Walled City.

Babiru 40 / Maintenance, by Nivanh Chanthara. More concept art here.

Apocalypse Kowloon: The Dystopian Art Of Nivanh Chanthara

SK243 SM - Sector 1 District 3 by Carl-Holden.★ We recommend Gift Shop: ★ #Cyberpunk #Art #gosstudio

Page Speed painting produced for Savage Mojo A city of 4 quarters. This is sector 1 where 200 story tower block sit side by side over 4 vertical districts. District 3 the industrial area, .

e8f41119b7e804166925e1c70d167680.jpg (600×423)

Concept Design Academy: "Art of Hawken: Mech Design" this Saturday~!

cyberxen:   streets by ~flyingdebris | Stand Tall and Shake the Heavens

Shadowrun is on my mind, and that means a need for art. Share with me your art, RPG. -- CyberPunk; so cool!  Reference, "Blade Runner," Star Wars' Prequel movies in Coruscant, etc

Fast forward to the future

48886_sci_fi_futuristic_futuristic_city.jpg (1920×1080)

future slums acid rain by jason park on ArtStation.

Mr Fix It Heavy Salvage & Repair Mech Back on

Mr Fix It Heavy Salvage & Repair Mech Back on

Artist: Daryl Mandryk - roguetelemetry: (via ArtStation - Recon squad, Daryl…

メカ設計、ピーター ・ サザーランドの収穫 ArtStation ツリー 294

メカ設計、ピーター ・ サザーランドの収穫 ArtStation ツリー 294


cyberpunk, city, 'Urban Sun' by Vladimir Manyuhin


Jackal X first figure series is based on the combination of science fiction and military genre. They existed in the world of post-alien inva.


Check the art of Nivanh Chanthara, concept artist at Eidos Montreal

- What an ART !!! - Graphic art gallery

futuristic city concept art by Armando Savoia

While many of the older refugees making up the majority of the Brussels-Bremen Corridor's residents despise their new living conditions, most of the children are accepting. For them, it is the only safe and secure home they remember, far better than any distant terrifying glimpses of Berlin they may recall.

Stunning Concept Art by Jonas De Ro