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Juxtapoz Magazine - Reader Art: Steve Bartlett | Reader Art


Steve Bartlett, you know you can smother a fire with cornstarch.the irony!

Joram Roukes_20

Joram Roukes,The Mexican Shirt, Oil on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, 2012 (via tdylan)

Joram Roukes' -- Morphing Figures

Today we present you with some works from Dutch artist, Joram Roukes, who creates large-scale oil paintings that surround a common collage theme, giving hi

Joram Roukes - Heron, Vulture, Fire

Joram Roukes - Human Behaviour - Artist Profile

Joram Roukes is a Netherlands based artist, living and working in the city of Groningen. His predominantly large scaled oil paintings are reflections of.

#sayanything alexislegend

Barbara Ana Gomez combines traditional and digital techniques to create dynamic illustrations - Artists Inspire Artists

Karen Appleton amazing texture// idea of leaving areas blank and unfinished

Karen Appleton amazing texture and step by step photos to share with students

Illustration inspired by ‘Santa Fe’ (Beirut).  Buy this print.

Santa Fe (Beirut) by Barbara Ana Gomez Inspired by the song 'Santa Fe' by Beirut.