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Feng Zhu Design - nifty gallery of fantasy and scifi art. Here, we have Santa Claus.

ilustradores digitales

Ilustrador Zarpado: Tuomas Korpi

Feng Zhu - Digital Painting

It's a crime that the only time this website has featured the work of veteran artist Feng Zhu was for a freaking Duke Nukem game.

practice by ling xiang /

Stunning painting by concept artist Ling Xiang - last legs of the "Righteous" storyline, the giant chain bridge over the two thousand foot wide molten lava river, before the final boss of this gameplay

Destroyer Of Worlds

David and Goliath. All images copyright Tom Edwards 2012 HD: [link] Painted in Photoshop. About 3 hours I think. David and Goliath

Feng Zhu Design: In-Class Demo via

Feng Zhu Design: In-Class Demo via