He has the best expressions!

Literally just spit coke all over myself laughing at the adorableness of Martin Freeman in this photo. He makes the best faces. There's that rage coming through.

Martin Freeman. What he lacks in height he  more than makes up for in style and sass.

Benedict Cumberbatch said of Freeman. "There's a man who knows his threads," nods Cumberbatch, admiringly. He gets stuff made and is always coming in with new pairs of shoes so I've been watching his clobber…

Peter Jackson is a wise, wise man. I can forgive him almost anything for casting Bilbo so perfectly. (Faramir is still hard to swallow, but at least Bilbo is awesome)

Martin Freeman, The Hobbit. I totally agree with Peter. Martin is *the best* person ever to play Bilbo. Not only does he embody what it means to be a hobbit very well, but he also has the quirkiness and humor of Bilbo himself.

Martin and Simon Pegg with Martin’s wrap gift for The World’s End

" Awww, Little Martin gets his wrap gift, after his final shot on I love this pic. " I love Simon :)


i think i speak for many when i say bbc has ruined my life in the best way.---- you speak correctly.

I don't think I can adore this man hard enough. Mr. Freeman, you have a fan for life.  (And not in the creepy stalker sort of way)

Martin Freeman on Peter Jackson. The sass of this man knows no bounds.

This is why I love this guy! ~Bailey Reutter

Benedict Cumberbatch- hilarious as always! Imagine walking down the street and seeing this! i love this man!

John Watson<-----Wow, this artwork with the quote is soooo beautiful.yet so sad.

Check out this website: How to develop Sherlock's powers of deduction

How to Develop Sherlock Holmes-Like Powers of Observation and Deduction

How to Develop Sherlock Holmes-Like Powers of Observation and Deduction (article) Pinning this to read later.


I love how he checks to see if John is watching <<< A tantrum is no good if no one is watching :) <== especially a Sherlock tantrum.

Why Martin Freeman is adorable

The perfection that is Martin Freeman. All of the actors on Sherlock are so talented. BBC in general just has amazing actors.