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Male Cartoon Characters

Draw Hair by =ribkaDory on deviantART  (btw, why the woman smiles and the guy is blanko/angry-ish?)

"How to Draw Hair tutorial by =ribkaDory on deviantART: by drawing the ends and hairs at hairline close together you can create shading and a sense of form. This will help if you are into drawing people.

Gender bender Disney characters

What famous animated characters would look like when gender switched.<< I love GENDERBENT! My favorites are Esmeralda, Ariel, Sophie, Princess Mononoke and Ashitaka


Using Simple Shapes to Draw Cartoon Torsos, by bleedingcrow on deviantART. This is a really neat tutorial that shows how to draw different types of body torsos for a cartoon character.

Draw Male in Real comic style by ~doanminhman ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES (https://www.facebook.com/CharacterDesignReferences & https://www.pinterest.com/characterdesigh) • Love Character Design? Join the Character Design Challenge (link→ https://www.facebook.com/groups/CharacterDesignChallenge) Share your unique vision of a theme, promote your art in a community of over 25.000 artists! || ★

Draw Male in Real comic style - Male Body Study - Drawing and Shading - How to draw a man - drawing reference

Q+D Anatomy Lessons- Arms and Shoulders by *Turtle-Arts on deviantART

Q+D Anatomy Lessons- Arms and Shoulders by Turtle-Arts on DeviantArt. This is really helpful (and much easier to read if you click through to DeviantArt.

how to draw

how to draw - tutorial - men in different sizes - from a child over boy to a grown up man - with clothing reference as well - armour - this is what I call a great drawing reference:

Digital Sketch Commissions -Round One by `Saimain on deviantART

Here's the first batch of 32 digital sketch commissions (two are gifts)! Already working on the next batch of averaging about 15 of these a week. Digital Sketch Commissions -Round One

Anime base drawings (kinda its more like a little tutorial or like to help you out)

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