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Mais que  irmãs

Mais que irmãs

Elizabeth Taylor in a green silk dress with a statement-making hood

9 Women Who Didn't Wear Gowns on Their Wedding Day

Pitties aren't born mean

I have three pitbulls and they are the sweetest living things on earth. I don't understand why every body is so terrified of all pitbulls. They are like every other sweet dog unless someone trains them to be mean.

That's not funny, that's straight truth!!!

LOL Jenkins Jenkins CaiN, you are the baby unicorn that adds rainbows (wonderfully crafted shots of espresso) to my coffee, you badass!

Bethany Yellowtail 2

Ojibwe model Jade Willoughby and Tlingit/Koyukon/Athabascan model Martin Sensmeier Stunning Images Show How Native American Fashion Looks Without Cultural Appropriation