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Never forget made by Jan Renor Curioso, designer from the Phillipines. Inspired by a quote from ‘the game of thrones’ series, he decided to craft this one by thinking out of his own box.

Daily Design Inspiration | Abduzeedo

Great lettering work by Drew Ellis, a graphic designer based in Virginia. More lettering inspiration via Dribbble

Do What You Like - Yosuke Ando

Design by Like Minded Studio. This design is just incredibly detailed. So much great stuff going on.

So Far, So Good.

So Far, So Good.

Never Stop Exploring Handwritten typography 8.17.14 photo #AdventuresGalore

Typography Mania Abduzeedo Design Inspiration I like this because it shows what someone can do with a font change and a simple shape to make it something totally different. This is inspiration because if I have a few words and I want them to stick

We Are Designers...

Typography inspiration

Javi Bueno is graphic designer and illustrator based in Zaragoza, Spain. Part of being a designer is to be able to create your vision and ideas through any kind of mediums and variant styles.

"I care therefore I kern" by Drew Melton. #typography #lettering #design

I Care Therefore I Kern, by Drew Melton. More like "Someone taught me about kerning long ago and it ruined everything, and now I care, therefore I kern.

Typography inspiration | #835

Typography inspiration