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How did it get so late so soon? It's night before it's afternoon. December is here before it's June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? Dr. Seuss by oyeblikk

Launching May (link in bio) Photo by @scott_kranz #modernoutdoorsman by modernoutdoorsman

If you could pack your bags and jump on a plane this second what city in South America would you visit first? Valley of Souls La Paz Bolivia. Photo by @glokduk via #MatadorN readers @visit.southamerica. Thanks for the #travelstoke! by matadornetwork

Tag a travel buddy! South Tyrol Italy Photo by: @elcampa1969 #TravelingOurPlanet and follow us to be featured! by travelingourplanet

Evening light at Wild Goose Island Overlook. It's hard to take bad photos in this place. #GlacierNPS by jwfrankphotography

“Upright Shipwreck” at Nono Lagoon, Solomon Islands. This tuna boat ran into the reef then slid down the drop-off until it came to rest upright on a deep ledge.เรือจมแนวตั้งBy: Liz Harlin

Sometimes life takes an unexpected wrong turn in the right direction by lisapinky12

Oahu, Hawaii - Photography by © @Sulep. #OurPlanetDaily

Mount Assiniboine under stars - Photography by @DanielKordan. #OurPlanetDaily by ourplanetdaily

Words of encouragement: Being featured on here isn't everything. Yes it's an amazing feeling when you're recognized for your hard work but that shouldn't be what photography is about. To me photography is about how someone can learn to see the world in a new way and increase their awareness of what's around them. Boosting your follower count doesn't do that and I wish social media didn't make it out to seem that way. In order to feel like you've accomplished something meaningful you need to…