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French Advertisement Poster Absinthe Blanqui Green by FolieduJour, $14.00

Historical costuming and vintage sewing projects, with dress diaries and research on period dress from the to the century.

Gerda Wegener

After almost a 100 year ban, Absinthe is again legal for sale and consumption throughout the world. This is a look back at the history of Absinthe.

Absinthe Poster - Tempus Fugit Spirits

Clock Hourglass Time: A poster for Tempus Fugit Spirits. "Tempus Fugit" is Latin for "Time Flees," more often translated, however, as "Time Flies.

Absinthe Robette Classic Livemont 1896 Art Poster 17x24 | eBay

1890s Absinthe Robette Art Nouveau Privat Livemont Art Poster Print - 18x24

Absinthe was a controversial drink made with Wormwood and was thought to have hallucinogenic properties.

Steampunk Gothic Absinthe Art Noveau Fairy 8.5x11 Art by redrevvy, $15.00

Steampunk Gothic Absinthe Art Noveau Fairy Art Print

Mata Hari absinthe from Austria.

MataHari since 1881 Absinthe Bohemian Grain neutral spirits distilled with natural herbs


An unrecorded lithographic poster for Rosinette, Absinthe Rosé Oxygénée, x printed by Camis around This is the only know historical reference to a rosé absinthe.

Parisian Absinth : "Just drink, you'll see afterwards..."

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