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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart from The Twilight Saga Behind the Scenes: All the On-Set Pics!

I got Damon Salvatore! Which Famous Vampire Is Your Soulmate?

Which Famous Vampire Is Your Soulmate?

This page is a gallery of images of Edward Cullen, ordered by film, who is played by the actor.

"MY" Edward;) when I first watched twilight and he walked into the cafeteria is when my obsession began.

"Ima eat your face and watch you sleep like a creeper!" Crap, this picture is terrifying. Did you know that there are a total if 23 full minutes if just staring in the Twilight saga? I really don't like this movie/book.

An oldie but a goodie.

After I realised his hatred for twilight, I've come to really like Robert Pattinson. earlier I used to legit hate him, mainly because he was Edward Cullen. Sorry, rob.