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Desert wanderings through Wadi Run Jordan. I have so many things to share with you from this incredible place... @visitjordan #shareyourjordan by helloemilie

Photograph by Michael Yamashita. The Great Wall of China: A Bactrian camel takes a break from plowing beside remains of the Han Dynasty Wall built to protect the trade corridor known as the Silk Road standing no higher than 3 meters. Dust from the Gobi Desert gives the sky its yellow cast. For more photographs of #China please visit @yamashitaphoto #GreatWall #camel #desert @thephotosociety @natgeocreative by natgeo

Photo by Pete McBride @pedromcbride // Staring into the abyss the land of hidden secrets painted deserts and sacred routes which are all linked to one lifeline the Colorado River. Aerial perspective of Marble Canyon which forms the upper stretch of the #GrandCanyon. I am gearing up to explore much of this challenging landscape soon for @natgeo. #chasingrivers #aerial #marble #petemcbride #arizona #coloradoriver by natgeo

Central Andes - #Peru Quechua families work to extract salt from the salt mines of Maras in the Cusco region #EpicoIntoTheWild In recent years urban population has overcome the rural one. Despite this tendency seems irreversible a large number of people keeps stubbornly living in wild lands where a delicate balance of cohabitation between man and nature has been created. This is a very fragile balance often resulting in the scarcity of food and water primary essential and precious goods…

#Kenya Lake Turkana #Nabuyatom volcano This photo is part of #EpicoVolcano our work devoted to the power of Volcanoes. Click on the hashtag to see other photos from this serie. Do you like our photos? Help us to growth: follow us! #travel #tourism #travelling #traveling #travelgram #traveler #travelphotography #travels #traveltheworld #travelphoto #traveldiaries #travelingram #travelpics #tour #tourist #tourists #nature #volcano #outdoor #adventurephotography #aerialphotography #drones…

Magical ice cave exploring within a glacier feel so incredibly blessed to experience this. @foxglacierguidingnz #foxglacierguidingnz by helloemilie

Photo by @stefanounterthiner | A small group of king penguins is returning to sea at the end of the breeding season. I took this photograph during my five months assignment for @natgeo (my first assignment for the Magazine) in 2007 in the archipelago of Crozet Possession island. @thephotosociety #penguin #bird #sea #group by natgeo

Klaksvík Faroe Islands. This has got to be one of the most interestingly located places in the world. Its the countrys second largest town (pop. 4500) & best appreciated from above. Heres @jenniferstark hiking up the road out of town that will lead us to Klakkur peak. An uphill workout but a nice hike to get your feet wet & ease into exploring the Faroes. Oh and pack a good pair of hiking boots or else your feet will be really getting wet in the literal sense! Photo by @davejstark…

Photograph by @daviddoubilet. Chinstrap and gentoo penguins squabble on their small island if ice drifting near Danko Island Antarctica. If you are in Spain visit my current exhibition at the Mar de Mares Festival at La Coruna Spain Sept 24-Nov 29 and join us for #NGLive journey from Islands to Ice in La Coruna Spain Nov 13. #NGLive #penguins #Antarctica @thephotosociety by natgeo

Giving this new format a try! This is the mesquite sand dunes in Death Valley national park. Please come follow me at and also at by tedgorephotography