....4x (24 st) instead of 8x (my gauge was 3.25 st/in, so this translated into 24 st) <span class="best-highlight">I stopped knitting the</span> section that goes over the top of the head when it was 12 inches long <span class="best-highlight">I stopped...

mycupcake's Hooded Coat Extension Panel (for Babywearing)

Ravelry: Laura dress pattern by Barbara Ajroldi

Laura dress pattern by Andree Tünde

pratik bebek örgü modelleri - Google'da Ara

Hand Knit Baby Sweater Hooded Jacket Merino wool Pea Coat Duffel Coat month via Etsy

Ravelry: Charlee Baby Girl Jacket/Coat pattern by Lotta Arnlund. 3 months to 3 years

Charlee Baby Girl Jacket/Coat by Lotta Arnlund (this pic shows the back.front is 3 buttons at the top w/Peter Pan collar)