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"Eu sou as escolhas que faço": como resolver o dilema entre o que o mundo espera de você e o que você quer do mundo.

Happiness is always a choice. You can't wait for circumstances to get better. You have to create your own good fortune. So look for ways to be happy every day. — Joel Osteen

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To Create A Better Life: Stop: Playing Victim Card, Making Excuses, Letting Society Tell You How To Live, Trying To Make Other People Happy, Relying On Others To Make You Happy, Doubting Yourself. Start: Enjoying Alone Time, Turning Off Gadgets & Go Outside, Positive Thinking, Believing In Yourself, Making Your Own Happiness, Expressing Creativity, Acknowledge Desires/Dreams/Wishes, Make What You Want Happen, Making Your Own Happiness, Helping Others Realize They Can Make Their Own Happiness

We spend our lives living with regret pain depression worry and unhappiness which makes us victims. We ARE NOT victims WE ARE champions survivors and soldiers of life. We can fall to our knees in defeat or rise as the true warriors we were made to be. The choice is yours. #namasté #zen #truth #inspirational #inspired #inspiration #quotes #quote #inspirationalquotesandsayings #inspirations #inspirationalquotestoliveby #truthbetold #truths #truth #erh #inspirationalquoteoftheday…

Quotes by Carl Jung | I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become

Decided to be happy.

People ask me quite often how I managed to become happy through sickness and the hard times. I didn’t magically wander across it one day; I made it myself. It took me awhile to realise that I only have this one life, this one body and I needed to care, love and be happy with myself before I could do the same with other people. I couldn’t rely on others for my own security and happiness; I had to create it myself. It’s astounding at how my life, my relationships and my view ...