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and this was under the humor section? i hardly believe falling in love hurts. now if they mentioned getting over falling in love, maybe. im pretty sure hitting the ground or water would hurt a bit

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Maybe I am meant to be alone

It took a LONG time, but I finally decided that I want people to like me and I want people to like what I do, but if they don't, screw em. I will not spend another moment worrying about why someone doesn't like me for whatever reason.

Feelings? What feelings?

Oh, so know this feeling. and the thing is that this is not true. because I care. And I worry about my feelings, even when - especially when - it feels like no-one else does. No one mourns the wicked

This is perfectly for the last guy who waltzed into my life. He stole my heart, I adored him and chose him, but he never picked me, he just pretended to. I adored him anyway, I adore him still.

The only problem is when he does decide to contact me.it still sets my heart fluttering and we've barely spoken it 6 months .


we've got the friendship down pat we've got the flirtationship goin pretty well I'm just waiting on you for the relationship

This is me...

Hurting people Hurt People but when they come to you say sorry like they sincerely mean it.IT'S THE TRUTH.

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote it hurts the most when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today So true the ones we love the MOST can hurt us the deepest!