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Obama's 'Beast' - a Fortress on Wheels That Can Withstand Bombs and Bullets

The bus also makes transportation logistics easier, as the president can immediately go from Air Force One to Ground Force One.

Meet Ground Force One, the president's $1.1 million armored bus

The bus is stocked with oxygen tanks to provide breathable air in case of chemical attack and an extra supply of the president's blood in case he's injured.

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President Obama doesn't actually drive this massive black Cadillac limo, affectionately nicknamed Th.

Secret service detail

The doors alone are eight inches thick and weigh as much as the doors on a Boeing 757 aircraft. The windows are five inches thick and made of bulletproof glass. The tires are run-flats

A gigantic fleet of cars lines up.

35 Important Things We Learned Watching The President Get Off Of Air Force One

A gigantic fleet of cars lines up.

¿Llevara Obama su auto “La Bestia” a Cuba?

The Obvious President Obama Stepping Out Of Cadillac One Aka The BEAST note door thickness

The blacked-out Ground Force One sits at the ready. Although rarely deployed in Presidential travel, a pair of heavily modified and thickly armored buses were procured by the Secret Service around the turn of the decade. The joint project between Prevost Car and Hemphill Brothers Coach Company, known as the model X3-45 VIP 3, allows the President to travel more efficiently by road in rural areas when many stops are on the schedule.

The Fascinating Anatomy of the Presidential Motorcade

A pair of "Beasts" act as Stagecoach and Spare.

It is both the safest and the most dangerous place on the road depending on how you look at it.

President Reagan speaking from limousine at Columbia airport in Missouri. 3/26/87. ID #C39778-5. http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/archives/photographs/airforceone.html

President Reagan speaking from limousine at Columbia airport in Missouri.



The next presidential limousine might look like this

A few days ago, the United States Secret Service posted the bid requirements for a new presidential limousine, which is set to debut during the 2017 inauguration of our nation's chief executive.

Limuzyny – przegląd kultowych modeli. http://manmax.pl/limuzyny-przeglad-kultowych-modeli/

The Fascinating Anatomy of the Presidential Motorcade

The presidential limo

High-Security Vehicles for VIPs - This is one serious car you would be wise not to mess with. Called Cadillac One, this presidential limo also has the name ‘Obamamobile,’.

El Cadillac estará equipado con armas que incluyen cañones de gas lacrimógeno, una escopeta e incluso botellas del tipo de sangre del presidente electo en caso de emergencia, informaron los informes.

Introducing Donald Trump’s Million Dollar Limo, The Cadillac One

A sadly chilling photo of the bloodied rear seat of the Presidential limousine, after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The 1961 Lincoln Continental presidential limousine in which President Kennedy was assassinated.

1989 Lincoln Town Car Presidential Limousine; used by George H. W. Bush

Presidential Limousines--A Photo History