“ Ivy Pepper from Lackadaisy as an early skydiver. My sketch request for backing the Lackadaisy book reprint. Anachronistic and I know it - sport skydiving didn’t start until the - but.

Sonteol I love the oversized proportions of various aspects of this design. It reminds me a lot of the old Disney toons~!

Cool art poses from borja montoro by ZootopiaFanART on DeviantArt

Some more Zootopia designs. First, some Baby Cats. Expressions, poses and turn arounds.and then some more seconda.



that's a sketchdump XVIII by *Phobs on deviantART -- history + ATLA + Rise of the Guardians + LOTR = DAY MADE

Whole lower part - for Batu and Subutai sketches (in that little comic Batu asking for candy and Subutai says NO. that's a sketchdump XVIII