Sargent & Co No 76 Bootshobel / compass plane selten / rare

Sargent & Co No 76 Bootshobel / compass plane selten / rare | eBay

Veritas Sims-und Falzhobel

The shoulder plane cuts to the full width of the tool. It is used to trim the shoulders and faces of tenons and is able to cut end grain.

I don't know how well it cuts, but it's beautiful.

This is the second design from my alter ego, Lazarus. A beefy mid-sized smoother, she's 8 long with a 1 cutting iron. The plane is made of stainless steel, brass, and.

Beautiful infill plane!

Holtey Classic Handplanes - Details and photographs of the Smoother Infill plane made by Karl Holtey.

Fantastic infills.    #tools #woodworking

"Holtey Classic Handplanes Homepage - The finest quality Dovetailed Infill planes and Hand planes. Dont know if i dare to use one.

M.C. MAYO July 14, 1875 Patent THE BOSS Plow Plane

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