Night Changes

Night Changes

Cute as one direction steal my girl Harry love/ Niall light/ Liam power/ Louis danger/ Zayn mystery

My interpretation of what the teasers meant (steal my girl video)

Night Changes

Night Changes music video were only getting older baby ive been thinking about you lately dorabit every drive u crazy just how fast the night changes everything that u every drwamed of will disappear sorry i was in my moment


13 One Direction Cartoons About Zayn Malik Leaving That Will Make You Cry

Remember this thing,

haters need to stop, it hurts.Niall is a person living his dreams and people hate on him for doing that! He has feelings also! And he is a amazing singer and I dont no why people say he cant sing. and without niall there wouldnt be one direction.

ziall by tumblr user artofobsession

artofobsession: “Here’s to the boys finally getting a break!