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Lilacs and Bird

Two of my favorite garden things - bluebirds and butterfly bushes. I'm jealous of whoever captured a pic of a bluebird sitting ON a butterfly bush!

Amazing bird:

Amazing Purple Bird - Beautiful

American Eagle -

The Eagle. HD Wallpaper and background photos of The Eagle for fans of The Animal Kingdom images.

~Blue & Gold♡ -it i had One wish for Willie, It would be for her to have been Born Free♡

Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna). Photo was taken in 2010 at the WeltVogelPark Walsrode, Germany. The photo was very greenish and pale, because it w. Blue-and-yellow Wave

Lenore's Bluebird (photo by robert-frederick)

Photograph, "Lenore's Bluebird," by Robert Frederick, Fine Art America. (My namesake!

The Australian King Parrot aka muaiz is endemic to eastern Australia. It is…

Australian King Parrot, Male red head achieved After about 18 months of age, Females have a green head. I have one of these and they are very easy to hand train and have a naturally curious nature.

* Bir gün sabırdan bahsederken ayağını akrep soktu onu öldürmedi. - "Niçin öldürmezsin?" dediler. - Sabırdan söz ederken, sabretmeyip onu öldürmekten utandım," dedi.  SIRR-I SAKATİ (K.S.)

Gold finch and Yellow Swallowtail butterfly on flowers. Is this the perfect picture, this is why we garden.


Abundant eagles, Homer Alaska--this is a wild place, beyond beautiful!

Cedar Waxwing feasting on crab apple blossoms. Photo by Erik Hovmiller.

Cedar Waxwing feasting on crab apple blossoms ~ Photo by Erik Hovmiller.

The beautiful Green Honeycreeper bird. - Colorful Birds

The Green Honeycreeper (Chlorophanes spiza) is a small bird in the tanager family. It is found in the tropical New World from southern Mexico south to Brazil, and on Trinidad.


Beautiful Hummingbird - The colors God puts together without consulting a color chart. It works!