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Millo - Mural #7 BART, Turin.jpg

In Italian artist Millo won a competition that enabled him paint 13 multi-story murals in Turin. His work now fills the walls of the small, northern Italian city, inviting playful scenarios i…

Back to the creations of the Spanish street artist Escif, based in Valencia. With a very simple graphical approach, but deceptively childlike, Escif offers us a street art both offbeat and protest, but also poetic, very inspired by the news.

ESCIF – 30 offbeat and protest Street Art creations

Street artist Escif has created the latest work in Morocco, Melilla Art School. It appears to be a wallpaper or graphic of some sort, laid over the traditional shaped architecture in peachy tones.

Millo, Milan, ITA

Arteide 17 April 2015 · Mural by MILLO in Milan — ‎with ‎Abouri Mohamed, Litza Viana, Violeta Hodzic and 20 others‎.

Astonishing Street Art

Astonishing Street Art

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Paint the exposed basement of my house?

In a bid to keep their local streets free of graffiti, Sydney’s Inner West Council devised the Perfect Match initiative. Local residents and property owners plagued with graffiti are matched …


This optical illusion was painted on a road to make sure drivers slowed down after several accidents happened.

Tom & Jerry shadow version. Watched a documentary on Banksy. Art critics are snobs. Who are they to say what is art?

I want to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons whenever I see this Street Art. Very funny!

Today’s article presents the work of Polish artist Przemek Blejzyk. He is a painter and graphic designer also specialised in graffiti. Don’t hesitate to check out his Behance profile to see much more.

Polish street artists Sainer and Bezt are doing some incredible artwork around Europe. Together, they are the Etam Cru and they are putting Polish street art on the map

Shinichi Maruyama

Shinichi Maruyama présente Water Sculptures et Kusho

Street art… Nicolaj Arndt est à mes yeux un artiste bourré de talent et d'imagination !

Best of 3D street art…

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Social Media IRL: How Street Artists Are Bringing Hashtags, Likes and Tweets to a Wall Near You | Global

In this new mural titled ‘Like a Vision‘ by Mister Thom there is plenty of social commentary. This piece that appeared in Ferentino, Italy last week depicts a