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ArtStation - The Man of Armadon, Lap Pun Cheung

"He sat patiently waiting for his ship home. The war was long over and there was no more need for a battlemage. The children ran around him, playing cheerfully amongst the crates and packages that were on their way to distant lands.

What I imagine a gateway looks like. A Wizard's Work by JoeSlucher on deviantART

A Wizard's Work by JoeSlucher on deviantART <<< "Ready? I have to go in last to keep the portal open.

Theurgy by Zeen Chin

More work by Kuala Lumpur-based illustrator Zeen Chin (previously featured here). Zeen Chin on Artstation

Concept art by Emile Denis - Initiation ritual

The Aries Witch ♈ The art of Magick ⭐ witchcraft - spell work - casting circle - pagan - Wicca

Female Arcane Trickster. As if regular rogues weren't dangerous and unpredictable enough. Elfrida Eastmark

Illusionist Spell, Pass Through. The Illusionist fears no locks or closed doors. Using its arcane abilities to etherealise him- or herself, they can pass through any doors. Doesnt work on doors protected with an Arcane Lock or a Magic Ward, will trigger A

Linarri Clothing and hair option

Sable casting a spell Break of the Storm) ~Wendy Hamlet (Rune Spell by `lithriel on deviantART):

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones - Andrea Meloni

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones - Andrea Meloni. Jon Snow in the snow; He reminds me a little of Marc.

Henley Richter. Part of the younger Bloodrose Pack. Daughter of Maddox. Fearless and persistent. She's also very charming and observant as well. She has a long white wolf with tawny brown flecks

artist name bangs black hair coat earrings eyebrows field radio fur trim glowing guweiz hat jewelry lips looking at viewer military military hat mouth nose original outdoors radio short hair snow snowing solo star strap violet eyes zipper