Stunning Picz: Long Eared Owl

rapace ж long-eared owl resting on a snow-capped tree (chouette hibou hiver arbre neige snow winter) collection bird of prey


The Rock Eagle Owl also called the Indian Eagle Owl or Bengal Eagle Owl is a species of large horned owl found in South Asia. They were earlier treated as a subspecies of the Eurasian Eagle Owl.

Hummingbird Cottage

The NORTHERN HAWK-OWL is a non-migratory owl that usually stays within its breeding range, though it sometimes irrupts southward. It is one of the few owls that is neither nocturnal nor crepuscular, being active only during the day.

Long Eared Owl

Looks like he should be guarding some turrets at a castle in Ireland.


Long eared Owl chick ~ These are wild long eared owls. not captive! I heard a young owl calling & went to investigate. Two chicks were sitting in the open at the edge of a hedgerow, allowing some very close up images.

Long Eared Owl Art Wildlife Photography Bird Wall Art Print

Long Eared Owl Art Wildlife Photography Bird Wall Art Print

Original wildlife photography and owl art, this Long-eared Owl bird wall art print is available in multiple sizes. Photo title: Who Are You? Photographer: Erica Lea Seeing this Long-eared Owl (Asio ot

Long-whiskered Owlet, Xenoglaux loweryi, Northern Peru by Adam Riley

Another Pinner said: Long-Whiskered Owlet, Xenoglaux loweryi, Peru by (Adam Riley).