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sharktunarts - Sans and Papyrus - comic

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard, Ashford

sharktunarts - Sans and Papyrus - comic. This is super cute, even if technically sans is the older brother.

Sans, Frisk, UnderTale

Undertale stole my soul but I'm cool with it. I want to draw a lot of comics but I'm sooo sloooow. I mean, I gonna draw them anyway but.What with you, Frisk? That was a good pun. And you gonna SPEAR Undyne, right?


DanceTale (+ nice joke about using balet clothes as sunflower petals 😂)

sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Making ships sail with cannons since 2015:

(I DON'T ship Soriel, but this is so funny) sans, Frisk, Toriel>>>> Trying to sail ships with cannons since 2015