Exquisite Corpse - inventada por surrealistas, como as conseqüências do jogo. Fun final de ano idéia talvez?

High school art project.

Joan Miro was a Spanish painter who loved to use child like shapes in his art. Here's a tutorial on how to make your own Surrealist masterpiece. Art Projects for Kids. #miro #surrealism #artprojectsforkids

this could be a great collective project...could expand to many groups all contributing

Good idea with glue, sharpie, pastel... for Houston LIvestock show and rodeo

High School Art lesson: Cubism

The Art of Visual Thinking http://artofvisualthinking.blogspot.com/2012/11/exquisite-corpse.html

This begins with a lesson in tree drawing. Movement-in-line and rhythm-in-line is discussed and demonstrated. White oil pastel is used to mix and blend the pastel lines around the tree.(along with your finger).Discussions of color scheme are also an option.

Art Projects for Kids: artist Delaunay


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