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the_fiddler_by_flyingdebris-d345p45.jpg (3000×2333)

Mythological characters going mech. Came up with the theme after a serious artist block and since i havn´t done mechstuff i gave it a go. First: Zeus - bladelike parts around his neck represent the.

I’ve already spoken a little of my love for this game’s art design, but today I’m going to showcase a much wider range of work from a team of artists who worked on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The Art Of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

rtx4 by garfieldchan

Insprational pictures of robot, spaceship and some not so human anatomy.

plazma_heavy_by_2_dpanda-d5tod6k.jpg (3236×3878)

I know how much you love mechs lol plazma heavy by on deviantART

Harm suit mk5final

Eliott Lilly is a concept artist who works as a freelancer in both the film and games industry. Most recently on the gaming side of things, he's worked on RAGE, the next Doom game and FEAR