You can find my illustration “ASSASSIN” in 09 issue of GAMES magazine. Cover Art by Josan Gonzalez!

Jakub Rebelka is a Polish artist who does comics, concept art and other illustrative work. There's a hint of Mignola to his style, but it's fused with a little manga and Geof Darrow in there as well.

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Cheer up, soldier folks: Ihor Pasternak is a concept artist and illustrator who works at Plarium, an MMO and mobile studio.

ArtStation - in the drak, Younghun Byun

ArtStation - in the drak, Younghun Byun

Josan Gonzales creates candy-colored worlds that take us through the psyches of…

The Colorful World of Josan Gonzalez

theverge: “ The bleak and charming cyberpunk art of Josan Gonzalez Josan Gonzalez’s future is the kind of dystopia you want to hang out in.

Artwork from The Future Is Now by Josan Gonzalez

Imago Mundi by female cyberpunk postapocalypse NYC subway train armor…

ArtStation - Above and Beyond , Adrian Wilkins

Above & Beyond is a little project I've been stiring up over the past few days. Exploring the Steampunk theme mixed with Airships and trans atlantic trading. Names in order of the Images Liana aka Lily Cornel Methew Frederic Delilah Gustav aka Gus Richard