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S4 Ep8 "Girl Code" - YESSSS!!!!! #TheFosters

S4 Ep8 "Girl Code" - YESSSS!!!!! #TheFosters

#TheFosters 4x12 "Dream a Little Dream"

#TheFosters 4x12 "Dream a Little Dream"

Brandon: No, he needs a time out, Cort! Courtney: Hey, don't yell at my son! It's not your place to discipline him! Brandon: Well, somebody needs to. Courtney: I discipline him. Brandon: No, you don't! You let him run wild! You don't set any boundaries! Okay, that's why he's in our bed every night, and that's why he ruins our stuff. He's out of control! Courtney: Great. It's good to know what you think of me as a mother. (4x07)

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S5 Ep3 "Contact" - Oh helloooo. #TheFosters

"Contact" - Oh helloooo.

#TheFosters 4x15 "Sex Ed" - AJ and Callie

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The fosters 2x08

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The fact that Mat asked Brandon if it was okay is really cute tbh💁