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Have a Pumpkin Party around your wrist with this fun new jewelry design! It features popular CzechMates Crescent Czech glass beads woven together to form adorable little round pumpkins!

Seed bead jewelry Use the exciting new Endless Loom with Pacifica Czech glass beads to create our fun and funky Pacifica Point bracelet design.

Pretty Petals Necklace Inspiration Project

* Isn’t our new DIY Pretty Petals necklace super cute! We are in love with how the Rose Petal Czech beads form a perfect flower design and the colors give it a fun vintage look ~ Seed Bead Tutorials

Magical Christmas Bracelet Inspiration Project

Create a Magical Christmas Bracelet this holiday season using festive red and green beads in popular flat spiral rope! - Crafting Tips

Tree of Life Necklace Inspiration Project

Create our beautiful Tree of Life necklace using a Nunn Design component, fire polished beads and gold chain! It’s the perfect DIY design to wear during Earth Day this year!

Looking for DIY pearl bracelets for friends? This tutorial will show you how to make light cyan, yellow, blue and red pearl bead flower bracelets.

Use seed beads to brick stitch around these fun silver wire frames by Nunn Design and you'll get the trendy metallic look of our new DIY Silver Streak earrings!

Elegant Earrings Inspiration Project

Use popular Honeycomb Jewel Czech glass beads with a touch of gold to create our new elegant earring design!

Are you looking for turquoise necklace design? Here I’d like to show you a turquoise and black necklace. I believe you will like this beautiful turquoise necklace.

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Current necklace trends are apt to utilizing different kinds, sizes and colors of beads together, and form a series of offbeat necklace designs ideas.

Black Round Pearl Beads White Round Pearl Beads White Round Pearl Beads White Round Pearl Beads White Round Pearl Beads Pandahall Original Project--How to Make Delicate Choker Necklace with Pearl Beads

Do you need hanging ornaments? Today, I will share you a Pandahall tutorial on how to make cute owl pearl beads hanging ornaments for kids!

Check the way to make a special photo charms, and add it into your Pandora bracelets. Use the fun Duets SuperDuo seed beads to create our new beadwoven Zip It Up bracelet design! It's the perfect bracelet to wear with your denim this season!