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Makes me cry to this day... Baby mine don't you cry....Wahhhh

Baby Mine Don't You Cry, Baby Mine Dry Your Eyes, Rest Your Head Close To My Heart Never To Part. Baby Of Mine.I sing and hum this to my little Luna❤️

Yes. Someone did the thing

Elsa to Elphaba transformation! (Since this song is essentially Defying Gravity all over again.) <<<I'll think I'll try defying gravity cause the cold never bothered me any way


Mulan: Would you like to stay for dinner Grandmother: Would you like to stay forever? / best Mulan scene ever xD

*tears of joy*

The cast: Scar as Loki; Princess Aurora as Captain America; Emperor Kuzco as Iron Man; Hercules as Thor; Fa Mulan as Black Widow; Robin Hood as Hawkeye; The Beast as The Incredible Hulk. Disney's "The Avengers"

The Emperor's New Grove, BAhAA my sister and I just recited this with a lot of emotion.

The Emperor's New Grove. I LOVE this movie. It is probably, if it isn't already, my favorite older Disney movie. I love Disney movies.



Commissioned for someone who wanted Belle and Ariel acting like friends. Love it!

These two would be perfect best friends! And it's funny, because my sister's favorite princess is Ariel and mine's Belle, and we're both a lot like our favorite! Ironically, Belle and Ariel become fast friends on OUAT.