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Modern Black and White Family Home in Canada by Guido Costantino

Guido Costantino Design Office Inc. recently contacted me about their project, The Belvedere house and I am sure glad they did. The Belvedere house is.

Pool gutter

Amazing Green Urban Architecture-The Vertical Living Gallery in Bangkok by Sansiri and Shma

- See more photos like these @ https://www.alwayswanderlust.com

Murou Art Forest Design by DANI KARAVAN. could walk down the separate paths and come together at the tree. do vows & stuff there?

Classic Contemporary steel water feature & concrete pavers. Most of all, I love the tree silhouette & water reflection.

Siamese Gioia Sales Gallery, Bangkok

Location: Bangkok, Thailand Landscape Designer: Sanitas Studio Design Team: Sanitas Pradittasnee with Ginggal Metchanun, Amisa Ruksiam, Ronarong Chompoopan, Vongvaritt Siwatwarasuk Architects: Somd…

What a nice place...such fantastic landscaping and that curvy little walkway over the water is just begging to be traversed!

Learn about the Herring Homes Landscape design; part of the Sarah Eberle Landscape Design portfolio

Sunnyland Gardens: The Annenberg Estate~

Garden of Water and Light in Palm Springs, CA, landscape architect James Burnett

The Sunnylands Center and Gardens in Rancho Mirage, California designed by Frederick Fisher + Partners


Image 22 of 27 from gallery of Sunnylands Center and Gardens / The Office of James Burnett + Frederick Fisher & Partners, Architects. Photograph by Dillon Diers/The Office of James Burnett

A smaller version on the side of the shed perhaps but with stained blocks in natural colours.

Timber mosaic wall & fountain designed by Paul Hensey - feature wall for outdoor area


criss-crossing rills, sculpted in granite slabs, run down to the shadow pool Tom Hoblyn’s Homebase Cornish Memories Garden / Chelsea 2011

Embedded image of garden

Kitty Wilkins on

Chelsea The Telegraph garden Tommaso del Buono and Paul Gazerwitz. Pinned for project by Kingsbury Garden Designs

CASACOR SP, a maior e mais completa mostra de arquitetura, design de interiores e paisagismo das Américas, recebe visitantes até o dia 23 de julho.

Especial CASACOR São Paulo 2017

Interesting water feature, though I’m going to have to pick from water features because I like them so much and I know I’ve got to choose. They also can’t be too noisy because that ends up being bothersome.