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Dratini Variants by AudGreen

Cute little dratini breeds! Commissioned for ! Check out the sketch commissions going on! Or see more variations.

Ekans Family by ajkent14z

Ekans Family by ajkent14z

the only me is me

I know a few other people have done Haunter, but it’s my absolute favorite pokemon, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Pokemon Fusions part 10! Enjoy :) Some of these are pretty badass ^_^

Pokemon Fusions part 10! Enjoy :)

Meowth Variations by zippyskipy

I did a variation crossbreed hybrid pokemon thingymaggiger!

A small Pokémon Fusion dump - Album on Imgur

A small Pokémon Fusion dump

Here's the problem with playing any Pokemon game: there are too many cool Pokemon that you want to include on your team at any given time, but you' . View More Incredible Pokemon Fusions" and more funny posts on Dorkly


I went a little nuts with the crayon brush… (ι´ へ `)But yeah hah! I love this meme and I love Greninja so. I hope the variations aren’t too far from Greninja&


temporiludi: “Pokemon Subspecies at am HELL YEAH! My girlfriend told me to do Parasect subspecies and I was like WHY NOT. Parasect is in both the Bug and Grass egg groups so we got some.