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Woody Allen's library. I will one day join him in here for coffee and to discuss my work.

Celebs, They’re Geeks Like Us: Libraries of the Rich and Famous

Woody Allen’s Personal Library rocks. It’s comfortable, cozy, and old-school east coast-looking;

Why we love our libraries!

Many people these days no longer feel the need for public libraries.

A prolific writer, MARK TWAIN was also a voracious reader, something his architecturally amazing Victorian-Gothic mansion reflects.

Mark Twain's library/living room in Hartford, Connecticut. The author, aka Samuel Clemens, lived in the Victorian-Gothic Revival-style mansion from when he had it built by architect Edward Tuckerman Potter, until

Warehouse living http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_lcj4C0D3Bxc/Sj4MoCY9NxI/AAAAAAAAECA/QB67R8naraE/s400/the%2Bwhitehouse%2Bdaylesford6.JPG

Lovely little house. Floor to ceiling shelves would be perfect for my our books in a small space.

Greenway, Agatha Christie's home on the River Dart, near Torquay, Devon. Refurbished by the National Trust, it was opened to the public in 2010. Robyn Wood, General Manager, in the Library. Agatha Christie's chait in far corner by window, frieze painted during WWII by American officer.

Interior Greenway house, Agatha Christie s house, after Ashfield- the house of her childhood- this house is the most loved by her,


My Dream Library, An Introduction

This cozy library by Paul Fortune that I found today on Desire to Inspire makes me very happy indeed! While not a room I'd have in my own h.

http://www.thelibrarybar.co.nz/gallery/#The Library Bar & The Dining Room

http://www.thelibrarybar.co.nz/gallery/#The Library Bar & The Dining Room

Biblioteca del Queen's College de Oxford

Día de la biblioteca: estas son las más bonitas del mundo

Queen’s College Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK. Click image to see the full list of beautiful libraries.


Love the barely there pistachio green paint with the scarlet accents. Nice combo of light/dark as well as complementary colors.

Charles Dickens' library, now part of the CD museum.

Charles Dickens's world of interiors – in pictures

1-Ernest Hemingway-Ölümünün ardından Küba'daki devrimde bıraktığı "Finca Vigia" olarak bilinen evi, ABD ile Devrim Hükümeti arasındaki özel anlaşmayla ziyarete açılmış ve eşi özel eşyalarını geri alabilmiştir. İdeolojiden ve devrimden bağımsız olarak Küba'yla özel bağlarını hiç koparmayan yazarın evi ve içindeki özel kütüphanesi Küba halkına armağan edilmiştir.

A museum worker stands in the library of the former home of Ernest Hemingway in Finca Vigia, Cuba.