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Africa | The star of a Wolof girl. Senegal | ©Jan Baert

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Senegal Travel Cheat Sheet; | PicadoTur - Consultoria em Viagens | Agencia de viagem | | (13) 98153-4577 | Temos whatsapp, facebook, skype, twitter.. e mais! Siga nos|

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Femme Ouolove : les bijoux sont en or Femme avec

Femme Ouolove : les bijoux sont en or Femme avec coiffure et bijoux. [1930/1960], Sénégal

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NATURAL FIBER WEAVING is more than just a technique, it's a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Basket weaving is popular across many parts of Africa and techniques are pretty similar, however the patterns and materials used vary from one country to the other. Wolof women of Senegal, renowned for their hand-woven baskets and hampers, use a local grass called "njodax" with colorful strips of plastic from prayer mats. Woven baskets were originally made for special occasions…

.wolof shaman with animal region.casamance.southern senegal.VsV.

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Luchadores de Laam en Senegal

Denis Rouvre - Lamb (name of the Senegalese wrestling in Wolof language)

Africa | "Jeune Fille Wolof" Dakar. Dated 1921. || Vintage postcard; collection A Chaussende, Dakar

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The mtDNA of Fulani Nomads.

fulani nomads