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We love little lab puppies .... and  grown up lab puppies too. :)

Art Labrador in front of chalk graffiti reading you had me at woof :-) loyal-labradors

We sleep on top of each other to keep warm. Cute, cute!

Not Enough Room: Page from Funny Pictures Another great funny picture called Not Enough Room from lolpix.

This is my future dream dog!! I already have her named! Lol

weimerainer's coloring with a lab's more pudgy frame Silver lab puppy. so cute

Joe and Wrigley

Looks just like my old yellow lab Joey excpet with slightly darker fur and slightly lighter eyes. We put him down back in June at nearly fifteen.

If you have a golden retriever...you know this look exactly lol // Let me in, I need to go back out again

Not sure, but our dogs did it and we gotta doggie door.peace at last! (Haha WHY do our dogs do this? I feel like its a revolving door some days!