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Don't Move (2004)

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It can't see us if we don't move! #JurassicPark

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Sell your records, sell your soul?: How I learned to stop hoarding and embrace the cloud

“If you’re not willing to admit that something just doesn’t move you, or that dollar value sometimes takes precedence over the inherent value of good music, you’re a hoarder. Curation is an over-used word, but if you don’t curate your collection, you’re little more than a hoarder.”

"Don't move unless you FEEL it"

No one was more of a scumbag than Rose from Titanic - I thought I was the only one who thought this. I knew she'd do something like this when she wouldn't let Jack share the door.

Flashdance >>> listened to the cassette soundtrack so many times when I was little that I WORE OUT 2 tapes

Carrie and Big. These two give me hope that eventually if two people are meant for each other.....they will be together