"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." —Audrey Hepburn

21 Best Love Quotes of All Time

Audrey Hepburn

If I didn't know this was Audrey, at first glance I'd honestly think it was an old photograph of my beautiful Ukrainian grandmother. The pose, the smile, the wink, the hat and the hair. Even the round cheeks and nose are so her!

So true! Growing stronger each day! Never giving up on each other! I love you more with each passing day....and you make it known you feel the same!

A great relationship doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning but how well you continue building love until the end.SO VERY BERY TRUE AND GOING ON 23 YEARS "TOGETHER"" and 20 years of marriage in just a couple months!

Or fear of losing someone they can control or what you have given them.  Part may be due to love and part may be what you have done for their ego.

men hate to cry, they rarely ever do. but when a man cries over you, i can guarantee he loves you. because men only cry when they lose something or are afraid of losing someone that they love as much or more than themselves

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Audrey Hepburn giving an Ethopian child a hug.  What a Lady!!!!!! <3

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Audrey Hepburn giving an Ethopian child a hug! She was appointed in 1988 and worked on behalf of UNICEF until her death in

Funny Sympathy Ecard: Im sorry youre mad because you just found out the world doesnt revole around you. Here, let me pour you a tall glass of get over it

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.


" Screaming "Woo Hoo What A Ride " Wood Box Sign Primitives by Kathy Life

Audrey Hepburn

I love her. I love how she persevered despite years of heartbreak. I love how strong she was. And graceful and dignified. Audrey Hepburn, Paris, 1956 by David Seymour

You're lonely when the person next to you isn't the person who is in your heart.

I think this has nothing to do with a partner but more so on the ppl u thought u had to count on in ur life. It's a very sad feeling.u feel less valuable and wonder .am I ever thought of?

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Audrey Hepburn lounging with a drink in one hand and a smoke in the other, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

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Intimacy is not purely physical. It's the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul - Quote - Love - Soulmate -