living room colors

berry packed palette - turquoise/teal is currently my favorite color combo, love the mix of berry reds with it. of all the pallets, I think I like this one the best for my kitchen!

Color inspiration

I love this color pallet! "Family room is the lighter teal color; need to add the burgundy accents an excellent palette bringing in rich earthy fire burgundy light airy creams and teals as water"

Samarkand and colourways for UZebekistan.. Oriental Poppy

flora palette - design seeds Colour palette idea as I have a red sofa but blue/green pictures


floating tones- hmm maybe instead of repainting our bedroom, we could use the blue the former owners painted and use these oter colors as accents

THIS. Gotta keep the pink walls, and I love the turquoise and green with it.

Branch Color Scheme: I love this one! I like the pink-ish color put together with blue, grey & green. SO PRETTY!

blossoming cherry tree was the color palette idea for master bedroom, this is pretty damn close. Love this palette!

colores del pavo real

Peacock Colors - finally a palette that works for what I want in our living room! And go figure - it's a peacock.

The combination of berry shades – dewberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry – and a pomegranate. This color scheme might look peculiar when complementing delicate wedding decoration: dark, rich range (Mix Berry Strawberry Blueberry)

Tableau des couleurs - Inspiration poivre 4 couleurs

peppercorn hues- the first color for the walls in the entry and living room, the second for the guest room and bath, the third for painted furnitire (bookcases) the fourth and fifth for accent colors along with the deep orange already there

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Love this palate Kitchen, dining and living room hues. I have a lot of red kitchen gadgets and maybe this would work between all three rooms?

pretty, kitchen maybe?

I would also use this website for color inspiration for other projects! "I absolutely adore this website, because it has so many color palette ideas for rooms! It makes designing a room so much easier!