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Recent work. Sculpture and stuff

Here's some of my recent ZBrush work.

Return of the 3D printed fetus

"Stunning new technology allows parents to hold a life-size model of their unborn child. : Your baby at 12 weeks old. A life-size model of a fetus created using imaging from an ultrasound scan!


Ora, textured

Ora, textured by Bathsheba on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Sculptures.

ArtStation - T-Recks Print, Bailey Wheatland

War head

The goal of this project was to study in detail the entire process of creation of a very high detailed sci-fi Helmet. From the Zbrush concept to the final picture.

The Beauty of Math! These 3D Printed Fractals Will Blow Your Mind http://3dprint.com/50133/3d-printed-fractals-2/

I've always loved fractals - so complex yet so elegantly mathematical! Printed Fractals - designed by math and nature, executed by Jeremie Brunet.

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez – Venus of Google - Straight up FanGirling here.

A Figurine for the Ages – Matthew Plummer-Fernandez’s Venus of Google

sculpture - Artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez has found a way to construct sculptures using only technology. By creating a complex algorithm, Plummer-Fernandez .