winter in first choice of places to visit.

London in Snow, Black and White. Can it get any better? In 2013 we had a London with snow. It was a wonderfull experience . We celebrated my husbands birthday in London.

London, England...Most favorite place where I "studied" the underground and pub scene, but could never party like that again place ;)

Phonebooth against Big Ben in London - I also have a photo of this where I'm in it.

London. Every time I go to spend money, I'll ask myself, "would I rather have this or a trip to London?" and chances are, London will win.

Birds eye - Awesome cityscape Photography by Dubai based photographer Alisdair Miller. Cityscape photography is very prominent in Miller’s gallery and he does a great job capturing the amazing structures of Dubai and other places.

the script - exit wounds

Inspiring image big ben, london, people, rush - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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