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Gostos, contos e amoras

Gostos, contos e amoras: Amores (im)possíveis - Ou: anotações para um romance a-histórico

Gostos, contos e amoras: Sonhos comestíveis

Gostos, contos e amoras

Gostos, contos e amoras

Come hither, take my hand...for I have places to share to delight, intrigue, and kindly the most wondrous ways. Come hither....and walk with me, I want to show you what love looks like...

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Moon Gate in front of square door - Ho-Am or Hoam art museum gardens Seoul, Korea, Samsung Foundation

Leyburn, England by Forest Pines

Provence is a place that I wouldn't mind visiting, but I don't think I could ever live there. They're just too brutal to their trees!