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Mapa do tesouro by Gilberto Maia

de Vintage Adventures

1953 Shell Motor Oil Ad "start driving home"

1953 SHELL MOTOR OIL vintage magazine advertisement "start driving home" ~ When you start driving home Acid Action starts to attack your engine! - It's not the driving to the picnic spot that plays hob with your engine! It's what happens when you ...

Movie Art - Jurassic Park

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Los Lobos- silkscreened gig poster - HOB Anaheim - 2005 - signed

Los Lobos- silkscreened gig poster - HOB Anaheim - 2005 - signed - HOB is just a corporate chain restaurant and yet they have a treasure trove of original primitive art (that's probably not well guarded, I just realized, hmmm)

Calvin and Hobbes, COMIC BOOKS - Mom, Hobbes takes my comic books and reads them before I do! Make him stop! ...Um

One more amazing painting by Bharthi Dayal

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Calvin and Hobbes (The Calvin & Hobbes Series)

Haroldo,Tirinhas,João Calvino,Calvino E Hobbs,Calvin E Haroldo Livros,Hobbes Xx,Hobbes Profunda,Calvin 1509,Hobbes Mania

Rivendell Elves costume concepts. I don't appreciate all that classist talk in the fragments...musicians vs courtiers?? Palace?? Courtiers vs servants? Rivendell is not a palace, and I believe that the Rivendell household veers more towards equality than this!