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Cast of a skeleton of Megatherium americanum in "Extinct Monsters; a Popular Account of Some of the Larger Forms of Ancient Animal Life" by Reverend H.N Hutchinson, featuring illustrations by the respected wildlife artist, Joseph Smit 1896 edit.

Hybodus | Hybodus painting | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The Hybodus shark lived during the late Permian-early Cretaceous 260-140 m.y.a..It had the unusual distinction of having two types of teeth:sharp for ripping and tearing,and flat for grinding .The dorsal fin looks more like that of the modern shark but retains a spike. Habitat:Worldwide Length:6ft Weight:100-200lbs

Sexy Ornithomimus - Ornithomimus, a dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America, has recently been proven to have feathers. Not only is this the first case of (non-avian) dinosaur feathers being discovered in North America, it dispels the belief that some sediments would have been too coarse for preservation of feathers. Why the title? Scientists say that the feathers were for attracting mates, and that the juveniles did not have large feathers.

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