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agabo (do meio)

This chiton has an apotygma which is the over fold of the fabric. The fullness or blouson is called kolpos.

Doric Chiton

Greek Dress - Grecian Ladies

The link is to an entire gallery of Ancient Greece-inspired pictures. Run, do not walk. (I REPEAT, ENTIRE PHOTO GALLERY IN LINK)

Greek costumes for women - the fabric can be fairly diaphanous, or if you prefer select material which is totally opaque

Hairstyles of Ancient Rome

Greeks would wear "Petasos", which we know as hats. They appeared around 1200 BC and were made to protect the greeks from weather. Just like in the photo, the "Petasos" would have chin straps so when they were not being used the hat would still ahng down the greeks back.

One of the most influential 19th century books on architectural patterns is The Grammar of Ornament, by Owen Jones, published in England in 1853. It fanned interest in decorative schemes for molding, tile, and wallpaper from a wide variety of sources. The page above describes Greek motives from friezes and pottery.

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